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Piano Teacher

About Alexa Madison

Ms. Alexa, owner and piano teacher, has been in piano for over 14 years and 7 years of teaching experience. She's constantly working towards improving and adding value to every music lesson. You'll see her creating new games/activities all the time! She has composed and sold her own music online (Piano Language) and has been a piano tutor to hundreds of students over the years. Click here to see all of our piano teachers.

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Our Teaching Style

The student will get to learn how to read the staff starting day 1! Our music lessons are designed and adapted for every individual to focus on their strengths and weaknesses since everyone has a different learning style. Games and activities are used as a supplement for lessons teaching students to understand note reading and rhythms in a fun and encouraging way.


Every student will be introduced to a variety of learning including composition, improvisation, music theory, and styles of music they're interested in playing whether that's jazz, classical piano, movie music, etc. And if they haven't discovered what they enjoy playing yet, your piano teacher will create a lesson plan help with that!

Music Challenges

Our students love the competition! Every month there is a challenge or competition to encourage students to practice more at home. For example, for one month we did a raffle where they get to participate for every time they practice. This makes the most use out of every lesson with your teacher. Other challenges also are designed to help the student with music theory. 


Year round we give out points to encourage students musical goals for finishing music and challenges. Students get to use their points to purchase prizes and the top students with most points earn trophies! We also celebrate their achievements on our studio walls or TV to make the student feel good about their successes in music education!

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Piano Performance

Outside every lesson, our recitals and other performance opportunities allow our young musicians to show their growth and allow them to gain confidence in their playing. Twice a year we'll host two formal music recitals (April and October) with different themes. Students will all come together dressed up! It's always a memorable event.


In between our recitals, we'll also host "Music Open House Parties" which are "low-key" performance events in which your music teacher will guide the student along the way. During these events they get to drop in anytime, hang out with their peers and teacher, play games, and perform music!

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Our Lab Room

During your piano class, our students ages 6+ get bonus access to our lab room featuring games, activities, and worksheets that reinforce what they learn during private lessons as well as reinforce music theory. We have three students that come in every hour: two students in the lab room and the third in the private room (with the teacher for the private piano lesson) and switch stations every 20 minutes.


Students get the opportunity to learn at their own pace in a private setting while also getting to learn amongst their peers with games and activities! Students can do activities on their own or participate with their piano peers.

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Why Group Piano Lessons

"My 7 year old son has been going to Alexa for about 9 months and has improved drastically. He loves her lessons and can’t wait to play every day. She makes learning fun and motivates students to do well with points and prizes for practicing, learning songs, etc.."

- Mary Cox

Alexa Madison piano lessons

"Miss Alexa is amazing! I have 3 kids in lessons and they really enjoy their piano lessons! Miss Alexa is so creative and comes up with many fun games, activities, and challenges to keep the kids engaged and learning!"

- Jessica Kesti

"Alexa has a unique way she conducts her classes that created a joy of learning and practicing. My boys will sit down and play to work on a piece or just play around, and I never have to admonish them to practice because they do it for fun."

- Stefanie Beeth

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"My daughter has been taking piano classes since 2021. I have seen my daughter improve her skills and is so delightful to see her perform at the recital. Alexa is a wonderful, passionate & knowledge instructor. We recommend her 100%."

- Yady Espinobarros

"Absolutely the best lessons we have had for our daughter. Ms. Alexa is patient, kind, and creates amazing enrichment activities that keep my daughter enthralled with music and the piano. We are so happy to have found Ms. Alexa..."

- Sarah Miller

Meet Ms. Alexa!

Lessons for students ages 6+ start at 60 minutes a week and include private piano lesson time and lab time shared with two other students. Weekly piano lessons at 60 minutes are $140 a month flat rate. Students go to Alexa's piano studio for their lessons in person.


Schedule a complementary first lesson below and Ms. Alexa will confirm with you in up to 24 hours. The trial lesson is designed to meet each other and see if our piano instruction is a good fit as well as get to know the student!

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