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How to Get Access to Our Freebies and Discounts

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Exciting news....we now have a member's page on our site! Members are the only ones who get access to our discounts, new releases, and freebies.


We release new music and teaching resources every week. All of these new releases are discounted within the first week for members. For special holidays, we may also discount older releases.

New Releases

Our new books and package deal are going to be released early for our members by up to a week early.


We have tons of free games, worksheets, and teaching resources that are only available to our members. These resources include our Black Key Bingo, Point Tracker, 100 Day Practice Challenge, and our signs.

Would you like to become a member to get access to these things? Click here to join!

You can also find our other members here.

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