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L.H. vs R.H. DIY Music Game

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I have gotten a few new young students who struggle to identify which hand is right and which is left. I have created a new, fun game that is perfect for those young kids. Here is how to create it and play it.

You lay out the two paper hands on the ground/table. Call out either left or right hand and have the student use that hand to "high five" the paper hand as fast as they can! You can even time your student and see how many they can get correct in one minute.

How to Create:

1) Grab a piece of construction paper or card stock and fold it in half. Trace one of your hands with a pencil on one half of the side.

2) Staple the ends of the folded paper together so that they hold in place and cut out the traced hand creating two identical hands.

3) Outline the edges with a black marker. This adds more definition to the hands.

4) Write either "L.H." and "R.H." onto each hand.

5) Laminate and cut out!

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