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Preparing For the Summer Recital - 2018

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Our studio recital is coming up in July 2018 and we are all preparing for the exciting recital! Students have selected their own pieces that they want to perform and they have been working very hard on them. Even a few students have already finished their recital music!

Students will be performing their two chosen pieces and an original composition of their own!

Even a group of three students are joining together to play a trio at the recital!

December 2017's piano recital

Alexa (the teacher) has spent a long time preparing everyone (including herself) for the recital. She has made a reservation for the recital place, helped students pick their pieces, set up a recital workshop for students, planned decorations and food, and helped students out with their recital music and compositions. As the recital date gets closer and closer she will be doing a lot more to make sure everything is perfect!

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