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Our Summer Music Program

We offer weekly classes during the summertime to give kids ages 6-12 an introductory to music and piano. Kids will be able to participate in games, activities, and challenges while covering the basics of music!

What's Included

Kids will learn about rhythms, note reading, music symbols, and the basics of piano. Every new concept they learn will include an activity or game! Below is our weekly curriculum:

Week 1 - Basic Rhythms

Week 2 - Music Symbols

Week 3 - Intro to the Keys

Week 4 - Note Reading and the Staff

Each week we'll focus on a music concept and support it with lots of activities. For example, students will get to craft out their own rhythms, play music bingo, create their own instruments, learn the basics of reading notes, play water games, and many more!


About the Teacher

Ms. Alexa has been teaching private piano lessons and music for 5 years. Her approach to teaching is relatable in a way that kids will understand it through games and activities. Music should always be an enjoyable experience that the child will remember forever. She's excited to be apart of their musical journeys!

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Our classes are held 1 hour once a week for 4 weeks. We hold up to 5 students in a class. Below is our availability. Click here to sign up for a group!

At this moment we are requiring all students to wear masks.





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