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Beginner Piano Lessons

Welcome to Beginner Piano Lessons in Ahwatukee! Whether your child is a first-time player or revisiting foundational skills, our tailored lessons encourage progress at a comfortable pace. Under the guidance of Ms. Alexa and her unique and engaging curriculum, your child will start to pick up music and enjoy playing their favorite songs. Set up a trial lesson with Ms. Alexa to see whether we're a good fit!


Designed for Beginners

Our lessons are designed for beginning piano students through intermediate ages 6-18. If your child knows nothing about music, we'll start them off on day 1 with the basics of reading sheet music and rhythms! We make sure that it's easy for young kids to understand. You'll see them progress more and more every week!

Exploring Genres of Music

Oftentimes young beginners don't know what their goals with music are yet. Ms. Alexa helps bridge that gap and lets kids explore different genres of music including jazz, classical, composition, improvisation, etc. And whatever your child finds interesting in music, we focus on that! Lessons are customized for the individual.


Learn How to Read Sheet Music

For a complete beginner, learning how to read sheet music can be difficult! With our curriculum we teach them how to read music on the grand staff from day 1. We start off with songs they recognize with letters inside the notes so they can associate the letter with the note on the staff. Once they're comfortable with learning how to read that, we slowly transition into songs without any notes. It's a smooth process! We also reinforce lessons with note reading games and activities!

Reinforcement with Games

Our piano lessons are perfect for beginners since we reinforce with games and activities every week that keeps young kids engaged. Some games that your kids will recognize like bingo or memory matching and others that are new ones they'll fall in love with! They can play against each other or play by themselves.


Motivating Music

A lot of easy music may sound "plain"  or "boring" to new beginners. We have a few strategies that'll keep them encouraged and motivated to practice! Majority of our beginning music comes with "backing tracks" which are accompaniment tracks they can play along with at home that makes it feel like they're playing with a band! We also have recognizable music as well as duet options to make their music sound more interesting!

Opportunities for Piano Growth

Though students come in groups of 3 weekly, they are still getting their private time with their piano teacher. We have a lab room and a private piano room for one-on-one time. Private time is specialized for that individual student. This allows them to learn piano at their own pace but also experiencing the fun in learning with their peers when they are in the lab room! 


Our Group Structure

Students come in once a week for an hour in a group of 3. Their lessons includes private time with the teacher and time in the lab room with another student. Lab room time is designed as a support for their private time whether it's note reading, rhythms, sight reading, composing, etc.

"My 7 year old son has been going to Alexa for about 9 months and has improved drastically. He loves her lessons and can’t wait to play every day. She makes learning fun and motivates students to do well with points and prizes for practicing, learning songs, etc.."

- Mary Cox


"Miss Alexa is amazing! I have 3 kids in lessons and they really enjoy their piano lessons! Miss Alexa is so creative and comes up with many fun games, activities, and challenges to keep the kids engaged and learning!"

- Jessica Kesti

"Alexa has a unique way she conducts her classes that created a joy of learning and practicing. My boys will sit down and play to work on a piece or just play around, and I never have to admonish them to practice because they do it for fun."

- Stefanie Beeth

"My daughter has been taking piano classes since 2021. I have seen my daughter improve her skills and is so delightful to see her perform at the recital. Alexa is a wonderful, passionate & knowledge instructor. We recommend her 100%."

- Yady Espinobarros

"Absolutely the best lessons we have had for our daughter. Ms. Alexa is patient, kind, and creates amazing enrichment activities that keep my daughter enthralled with music and the piano. We are so happy to have found Ms. Alexa..."

- Sarah Miller

Schedule a Trial Piano Lesson!

Meet with Ms. Alexa to see whether we'd be a good fit! We'll play some basic piano songs together at the first lesson and you can see the lab room in person!

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