Frequently asked questions

When is payment due?

Lessons are charged by the month. You pay on the last lesson of the month for the following month.

How much should my child be practicing?

I suggest beginning students ages 3-6 to practice at least 10 minutes daily. Beginning students aged 7 and older are to practice at least 15 minutes daily. More experienced students should practice at least 20 minutes daily. Of course, if the student is not progressing enough with that amount of practice I would suggest more practice than that. It also depends on the student as well.

How much do you charge?

30 minute weekly lessons are a flate rate of $100 a month, 45 minute lessons $150, and 60 minute lessons are $200. Beginning students usually start off with 30 minute lessons and later on progress to longer lessons. Lessons are paid by the month in advance.

Do we need to bring our piano books every lesson?

Yes! We specifically use the student's books to write customized notes in there. Alexa writes in the points they earn and they put a sticker on their pages when they complete a piece/worksheet. Plus, they have a theory book with written work that she checks every week.

We have a keyboard at home. Will that work for practice?

Of course! As long as the keyboard has weighted keys (meaning the keys have an added weight like a normal piano would so the child would not develop bad technique) and it can produce dynamics (pressing the key lighter produces a softer voice and pressing the key harder produces a louder voice). Most keyboards that have weighted keys usually can produce dynamics. You can check with Alexa to make sure your keyboard is weighted.

Where are you located?

Our studio is located in Ahwatukee and the cross streets are Chandler Blvd. and 42nd St.

Can I drop off my child during the lesson, or do I have to stay?

You can actually do either one! You can drop them off and do some errands or you can stay in and watch.