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Why Our Group Piano Lessons

Located in Ahwatukee, Arizona we hold group piano lessons for kids ages 6-18. We have a unique curriculum that you won't see anywhere else that combines the benefits of private and group lessons all in one! Here's why Alexa's Piano Lessons' group lessons are superior to other piano studios.


1) Private Piano Lesson Benefits

Private lessons has it's benefits of individual focus allowing piano students to learn at their own pace and the piano teacher to focus on their strengths and weaknesses. You might think that our group lessons wouldn't be able to include those private lesson benefits, but in fact our group structure allows for all the benefits of private lessons!

We have a private room and separate lab room. The private room is where kids get their individual needs met. The lab room is used as a supplement to our private lessons.

2) Group Lesson Benefits

While private lessons have their benefits, well so do group lessons. Group lessons allow kids to engage and learn with each other, bringing more a sense of community and engagement that you can't get with private lessons. Which is why we combined the best parts of private lessons and group lessons all in one!


3) More Bang for Your Buck

The price you'd pay for 30 minute private lessons is the equivalent to our 60 minute group lessons! And we put every minute of those group lessons to use. Kids are always working on some kind of activity. We offer more in our group lessons due to the flexibility of time and students. Kids can play games together or independently.


4) Off the Bench Activities

Compared to 30 minute private lessons, the student and teacher may be on the piano the entire time, making it boring for young kids to learn. Our group lessons are designed to keep kids engaged in many different activities and on their toes! We allow kids to pick their activity (unless if they have something in particular they need to review). 60 minutes for young kids will always be engaging and they won't ever get bored!

5) Competitions and Challenges

One of our student's favorite thing about our piano studio is that we'll always have some kind of challenge or competition going on! Whether that's competing for points against their peers or being challenged to practice more days at home. The kids love the friendly competition against each other.


5) Performance Opportunities

Since kids are always in groups, they get practice performing in front of each other for upcoming events. The group setting also makes it easy for students to do duets or trios together! Plus they feel more comfortable at recitals when they can recognize their lab partners sitting across from them!

6) Gain Community

Our students gain a sense of community seeing the same friends in their group or before and after their groups. It makes learning an instrument more enjoyable when they get to learn it side-by-side with their friends, helping out each other, showing each other their progress. We also celebrate their achievements on the studio TV and whiteboard and students applaud each other when they see their friends up there.

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So how do we do it?

We have two separate rooms: our private room and lab room. Our private room is where each student learns at their own pace and we assign homework for them to practice at home. Our lab room is where they are given tasks to do based on our private time. Students in the lab room have a lab partner where they can play games with each other.

"My 7 year old son has been going to Alexa for about 9 months and has improved drastically. He loves her lessons and can’t wait to play every day. She makes learning fun and motivates students to do well with points and prizes for practicing, learning songs, etc.."

- Mary Cox


"Miss Alexa is amazing! I have 3 kids in lessons and they really enjoy their piano lessons! Miss Alexa is so creative and comes up with many fun games, activities, and challenges to keep the kids engaged and learning!"

- Jessica Kesti

"Alexa has a unique way she conducts her classes that created a joy of learning and practicing. My boys will sit down and play to work on a piece or just play around, and I never have to admonish them to practice because they do it for fun."

- Stefanie Beeth

"My daughter has been taking piano classes since 2021. I have seen my daughter improve her skills and is so delightful to see her perform at the recital. Alexa is a wonderful, passionate & knowledge instructor. We recommend her 100%."

- Yady Espinobarros

"Absolutely the best lessons we have had for our daughter. Ms. Alexa is patient, kind, and creates amazing enrichment activities that keep my daughter enthralled with music and the piano. We are so happy to have found Ms. Alexa..."

- Sarah Miller


Schedule with Ms. Alexa!

Weekly lessons at 60 minutes are $140 a month flat rate. Students go to Alexa's house for their lessons in person.


Schedule a complementary first lesson below and Ms. Alexa will confirm with you in up to 24 hours. The trial lesson is designed to meet each other and see if we're a good fit as well as get to know the student!

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