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FREE Piano Songs for Beginners

Looking for some piano songs to learn as a beginner? Here are a couple of free and easy songs to get started with including some holiday songs and folk tunes!

Looking for a piano teacher in Ahwatukee? We have openings for new students! Set up a trial lesson with Ms. Alexa here.

Carol of the Bells - Easy Piano

Learn to play the easiest version of Carol of the Bells you can find! Only using three notes, this is the perfect beginning piano song for Christmastime. Hand position and note letters written out.

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Beginning level of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in the C position with just the right hand. Great for a first time song for a piano player! Hand position and note letters written out.

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

Dun, dun, dun, DUNNNNN! One of Beethoven's most famous pieces of music of all time! This version has just the first four measures, perfect for beginning piano players. This version introduces flats (Eb). Hand position and note letters written out.

jingle bells.jpg

Jingle Bells

Learn how to play an easy piano version of Jingle Bells any time in the year! This version just has the right hand playing with some eighth notes. Hand position and note letters written out.


Piano Lessons for Kids

We provide piano lessons in Ahwatukee that allows students to learn privately at their own pace while being able to learn in a group setting with friends. They get to play new games with each other, participate in challenges and competitions, and learn music in an encouraging way! Ms. Alexa has been teaching and running her studio for 7 years and has taught hundreds of students over the years!

piano group classes

Why Our Group Piano Lessons?


Learning with peers

Our students say they love their group lessons because they get to learn with their piano friends! This includes playing games against each other, performing in front of each other, or teaching each other concepts. They get to see the same piano students every week so they can build connections with them!


Includes private time benefits

With how our group lessons are laid out, each student gets private time with Ms. Alexa allowing them to learn at their own pace and start at any point. No need to worry if your child gets paired with another student who's a different level! Sometimes it's even nice having different leveled students together so they can teach each other!


More piano time!

Compared to private lessons, our group lessons are the same monthly cost but students get twice the amount of time. Standard private lessons are 30 minutes a week while our group lessons are 60 minutes a week!



We will always have come kind of challenge or contest for students to compete in! Students may be challenged to work in groups to practice the most days or challenged to beat their peers in a competition. Ask Ms. Alexa what challenges she's currently doing!

"My 7 year old son has been going to Alexa for about 9 months and has improved drastically. He loves her lessons and can’t wait to play every day. She makes learning fun and motivates students to do well with points and prizes for practicing, learning songs, etc.."

- Mary Cox


"Miss Alexa is amazing! I have 3 kids in lessons and they really enjoy their piano lessons! Miss Alexa is so creative and comes up with many fun games, activities, and challenges to keep the kids engaged and learning!"

- Jessica Kesti

"Alexa has a unique way she conducts her classes that created a joy of learning and practicing. My boys will sit down and play to work on a piece or just play around, and I never have to admonish them to practice because they do it for fun."

- Stefanie Beeth

"My daughter has been taking piano classes since 2021. I have seen my daughter improve her skills and is so delightful to see her perform at the recital. Alexa is a wonderful, passionate & knowledge instructor. We recommend her 100%."

- Yady Espinobarros

"Absolutely the best lessons we have had for our daughter. Ms. Alexa is patient, kind, and creates amazing enrichment activities that keep my daughter enthralled with music and the piano. We are so happy to have found Ms. Alexa..."

- Sarah Miller

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