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Alexa's Piano Lessons piano recital


Alexa Madison, piano teacher of Alexa's Piano Lessons in Ahwatukee

About Alexa Madison

Alexa has been learning piano for over a decade and she is still continuing her education. She continues to improve her teaching to bring the best lessons to her students. She also owns an online store for piano sheet music and teaching resources called "Piano Language" and blogs to share her ideas about teaching.

About Alexa's Teaching

Every piano lesson is tailored toward the individuals' interests and needs. Alexa learns about what the student is interested in and finds music for what they are looking for. She also introduces them to composition, improvisation, and other styles of music. She makes learning piano fun with games and activities into each lesson.

Recitals & Performances

Alexa hosts recitals twice a year (April and October) where the students perform their current favorite music. She does this so the students' friends and family can hear them play and watch them grow. 


The Lab Room

Our students ages 6+ get bonus access to our lab room featuring games, activities, and worksheets that reinforce what they learn during private lessons. We have three students that come in every hour: two students in the lab room and the third in the private room and switch stations every 20 minutes. Students get the opportunity to learn at their own pace in a private setting while also getting to learn amongst their peers with games and activities! 


Starting Lessons

Lessons for students ages 6+ start at 60 minutes a week and include private time and lab time shared with two other students. Weekly lessons at 60 minutes are $140 a month flat rate. Students go to Alexa's house for their lessons in person. Schedule a first lesson here.

Piano performance with Alexa Madison and her students
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