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100 Day Practice Challenge

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

The 100 Day Practice Challenge is the challenge to practice 100 days in a row for a set number of minutes every day. If the student forgets to practice for one day, they must go back to day one of the challenge. In this blog post, you'll see the different ways of how you can adapt this challenge with your students.

1) New Year, New Challenge

One way of setting this challenge with your students is to set a date of when they will start the challenge. An easy day to start is January 1st.

2) Studio Practice Competition

Once you have your beginning challenge day set, you can decide to have the whole studio begin the challenge. I wrote all of my student's names on the whiteboard and when a student missed a day, their name got erased on the board. The students get excited to see who remains on the board after 25, 50, and 100 days and it encourages them to keep going in the challenge. You can tell your students that they will win a prize if they make it to 100 or a prize if they are the student who lasted the longest out of everyone else!

3) Individual Challenge

A simpler way of beginning the challenge is to have each student start on their own set day. The student can track their days on their own and get competitive with themselves.

4) Recognition of Challenge Winners

When your students make it to 50, 100, or even 200 days of the challenge, you should have something for them when they get past certain points. One way is to give prizes like candy, toys, ribbons, or trophies. Another way is to recognize the student for their hard work on your Facebook page or website. Post photos of the student with their name on the board or a photo with the student holding a sign that says "I completed the 100 day practice challenge!" You can also print off billboard certificates of the practice challenge, write the student's name onto the certificate, and pin it onto your billboard for all of the studio to see.

I hope this article gave you some ideas about the practice challenge. If you have done this with your own students, comment the longest number of days a student continued with the practice challenge!


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1 Comment

Piano Sensei
Piano Sensei
Aug 24, 2020

How did you keep track of the practice days for all the students? I know you said you had a whiteboard, but did you ask them each week? Or . . .?

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