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5 April Fool's Pranks You Can Play on Students

Want to play a fun little prank on your students? Here are a few easy and harmless pranks that your students will get a laugh at!

1) A Tootsie Roll Surprise/Chocolate Eggs

Use leftover tootsie roll wrappers to wrap with baby carrots. You can give them a "treat" for doing a good job on a piece or showing good behavior. They'll be surprised when they open it to find a carrot on the inside!

Chocolate eggs work the same way as the tootsie rolls. You can wrap colorful tin foil in grapes and hand them out to students.

2) Confetti Eggs

When a student walks into the room, you can surprise them with a crack of a confetti egg on their head! You can find a pack of 48 eggs for $22 at Amazon here.

3) Brown E's

Tell the students that you have a few extra brownies and ask if they want one. Come out with a pan covered in tin foil. Open it up in front of them and hand them a brown E from inside.

4) An Odd Sound

Place a thin piece of paper between the hammers and the strings to create an odd sound with the piano. When your students ask what the weird sound is pretend like you don't hear anything strange.

5) Recital Surprise

When our recital has a recital coming up, I like to take my mini chalkboard to share how many there are until the recital. If our recital is in one month, I write on the chalkboard "one week until the recital"!


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2 Yorum

I like that third one


Jatram MrJatt
Jatram MrJatt
20 Mar 2020

Very informative. It’s like how we teach piano vs how we learn guitar. i.e. piano is a theory first, playing music comes later. Guitar, you learn 3 chords and you can make music right away. I’m pulling my son out of his <a href="">piano lessons </a>because I need a different approach for him

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