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4 Tips For the Perfect Recital Speech

1) Write your speech on index cards

Make sure that you use bullet points in your speech instead of full sentences. Using a few key words will remind you what you should say next so that you can looking up at the audience most of the time. It is even better if you are able to memorize your recital speech!

2) Practice your speech ahead of time

It is important to go through your whole speech beforehand or else you may stutter or say "umm" more. You can record yourself while saying your speech to make sure you are smiling and looking up for most of the time. You can also practice in front of friends, family, or even your pets.

3) Take some deep breaths

Don't worry if you are nervous. This is absolutely normal! Practicing ahead of time in front of a small audience will help. You can take some deep breaths to try to relax. If you are nervous at the recital, look at the back of the room instead of people's faces.

4) Don't forget to smile!

Make sure that you are relaxed when you go on stage. Don't rush through your speech and make sure to smile while you are talking. You can record yourself ahead of time to check that you are not talking too fast or too slow. Feel free to include a joke or two during your speech. This will help loosen yourself up as well as the audience. Good luck to everyone!

If you need help on exactly what to say in your recital speech, join our Facebook group Piano Language Teaching to find an outline on what to say under "Files".

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