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7 Awesome Recital Themes

1) Disney

Kids love Disney movies...even better, they love to play Disney songs. Check out the Disney book series from Faber if you are in need for more arrangements from Disney movies. Click here to see their books.

2) The Movies

Have your students perform music from their favorite movies and dress up as characters from the movies. If your recital hall allows it, you can even give out popcorn to your guests.

3) Duets

Have every student play at least one duet (or even a trio) at your recital. Students can play with their siblings, parents, or even teacher. You can search for music with teacher duet parts, evenly leveled music, or even trios on our website under "Filter By".

4) Costumes/Halloween

If you do recitals during the fall season, you can have your students dress up in costumes and play spooky music for the Halloween time! You may want to check out our Halloween book if you are looking for spooky music for your early intermediates. You can also find all of our other Halloween music here.

5) Colors

You can have your students do a color theme recital where a student performs a piece that has a color name in it. The student can dress up in that color or draw a picture that represents that color song. Purple Polkadots or Colorful Lights are perfect examples for a color-themed recital.

6) Christmas/Holiday

My students love playing Christmas music (and the audience enjoys hearing music that they have heard of). We have many easy, modern Christmas arrangements here (click here) and there are so many other classic Christmas arrangements on our store here.

7) Jazz

Have each student perform a nice jazz piece or arrangement! Some of my favorite jazz originals are Party Pumpkin and My Jazzy Style (which is great for those primer level students)!


Do you have any other recital themes that were successful? Please share them with us!

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