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A Tip For Energetic Students

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Do you have a few young students who like to move around during the lesson a lot? This may be a good thing for games, but when you have to focus on a new piece or theory, this can be challenging.

This is a small tip I use for my young students who like to move a lot:

I take a coin or penny and place it on the floor or on the pedal extender. When your student gets there, tell him/her that there is a new challenge. If they can cover the coin with their shoe for the WHOLE lesson, they get to keep it. If they move out of their chair and you can see the coin, they loose the prize. A substitute for keeping the coin is for a prize.

Prizes can be anything from candy, bouncy balls, play dough, slime, etc. Prizes can be found at the Dollar Store, Target, or Walmart.

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