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Celebrating Birthdays in Your Studio

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Every person can only celebrate their birthday once a year so children want to make their birthday a big deal. As a teacher, I want to make sure each student feels appreciated during the week of their birthday. In celebration of my birthday coming up next week, I wanted to share with you fun ways of celebrating your student's birthdays in your studio.

1) Prizes/Awards

You can give out small rewards to students during the week of their birthday like certificates, candy, or party favors. You can buy big packs of party favors from Amazon or Target.

2) Happy Birthday Music

Whenever a student's birthday comes up, I like to play my jazzy piano version of "Happy Birthday" to students. Another option is to print off a version of "Happy Birthday" and give it to the student during their birthday week.

3) Announcements

To show your students that you value their birthday, you can announce to other students that it is their birthday week. Ways of doing this is writing the birthday on your studio whiteboard, post it on your business Facebook page or website, or hand a clothing item that your student can put on to show that it is their birthday. For example, I have a "birthday crown" that I give to the birthday student on the week of their birthday. You can get create with this "item" like a scarf, sticker, pin, or hat. You also have the option of taking a photo of the birthday student with the birthday item and posting it on your business Facebook page or website. You can get our birthday sign by becoming a member of our website here.

4) Stickers

This is the easiest and cheapest way of showing your students that you remembered their birthday. Give out some "exclusive" birthday stickers that are only available to students one lesson a year!

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