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Celebrating Book Completions

Updated: May 30, 2019

Students usually complete their method book anywhere between 6-12 months. Since the breakthrough of completing a book is not often, it is important to celebrate the achievement with the student. Here are a few ideas on celebrating the completion of the books:

1) Prizes

You can buy prizes from the Dollar Store or Amazon to have students choose from when they complete a book. I like to get slime, play dough, glow sticks, rubix cubes, bouncy balls, and more.

Have you ever seen these billboard certificates before? Our studio celebrates student achievements on our billboard with a certificate. The students enjoy seeing their name on the exclusive board. You can find these certificates here.

3) Taking photos

Students can take photos with their billboard certificate, the last page of the book, or even with a sign that says that they completed their books.

4) Sharing online

Speaking of taking photos.... we can also post these photos online (as long as it is okay with the parents). You can share them on your studio Facebook page, Instagram, or website. Share some fun facts about the student in your post and congratulate them for all of their hard work. After you post it, share it with the student or their parent. The photos you can use is the suggestions from the previous number.

5) Join the book club!

What if you could tell a student that when they completed their book, their name gets written onto a list full of students who also completed the SAME book as well? You could have a paper that had the names of every student with the date and their name gets added! Take this to another step and have a wall designated for students who completed their books with a laminated music note with their name on it. When the student completed their book, their name gets added onto the wall FOREVER.

6) Book completion ritual

Instead of having any of the above for completing books, you had a special ritual of completing books. For example, whenever a student completes their book they play THE game for that book. This game can be meant for that level. We have a game that reviews the primer level here. This is a special game that no one else gets to play until they have completed their books. OR teach the student the special book completion handshake. The student learns the handshake that can only be used when they complete their books.

What do YOU do with your students? Comment what your studio does and share this post with anyone who would find it helpful!


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