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Celebrating Halloween in Your Music Studio

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Since it is officially October, it means it is time to get SPOOKY in your music studio. My students all know that I love Halloween but what can you do to bring the creative side out of your students besides Halloween stickers? Here are five creative ways of celebrating Halloween in your music studio!

1) Halloween decorations

There's nothing more fun about Halloween then its spooky decorations! I love to hang out some spider webs on the piano with orange and purple lights. For added details I also include gravestones, spooky picture frames, and small pillows of cats and spiders. You can find almost everything at the Dollar Store for your decorations! The kids go CRAZY over my Halloween pillows.

2) Halloween music

Hand out some classic Halloween sheet music to your students in the month of October! You can find beginning and intermediate levels of Halloween music on our store here. You can also find tons of awesome Halloween arrangements that the students will rave about all year long!

3) Dressing up

Promote one of the best parts of Halloween by encouraging students to dress up in their costume to their piano lesson the week before Halloween and you can dress up as well! Want to go another step after that? How about making it a Halloween costume contest? Kids all love contests and they'll go crazy over that! You can also have your students play their Halloween music with their costumes on while you record them. Click here to see all of our student's costumes.

4) Halloween treats

This idea is the easiest but most classic way of celebrating Halloween. Surprise your students during the week of Halloween with their pick of some Halloween candy! Want to go a step further? Turn off the lights during the music lesson and hand out glow sticks to students!

5) Sharing Halloween

Making your students feel like they are part of a community is very important. One way of doing that is telling students to share on your studio's whiteboard what they will be dressing up for Halloween or have them share their favorite Halloween candy! You can also encourage students to draw something spooky like pumpkins, candy corn, or skeletons and you will share their drawings with the other students. Students will enjoy viewing what their peers are creating!


If you are looking for resources for Halloween music, check out our Halloween music here.

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