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Forte Drawing Cartoon Contest WINNERS - June 2018

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Our studio did the Drawing Cartoon Contest this summer! Students were assigned to draw a picture of what they think describes the musical term "forte". After over 100 votes from music teachers from all around the world, we have found our top two most voted drawings! Read more about our drawing competitions here.

First before I announce the two winners, I wanted to show all of the drawings brought in.

The music teachers voted on two drawings they thought were the best based on the two categories: describes the musical term "forte" best and has the most effort put into it. They had a hard time deciding because they thought every single one was wonderful and they liked all the ideas the students thought of.

After over 100 votes, here are our two winners:

Alistair and Annika!

The "Forte Forest" was drawn by eight year old, Alistair Ho. Alistair has been taking piano lessons for a year and three months. His forest drawing shows multiple ways of forte (loudness) such as the volcano exploding, the dinosaur roaring, the elephant stomping, and the monkey singing! His drawing has been voted #1 with 65 total votes. The voters were wowed by the amount of effort that was put into his drawing.

The car honking drawing was created by eight year old, Annika Ridling. Annika has been taking piano lessons for five months. Her drawing demonstrates a person honking a horn on their car. This drawing has been voted #2 with 56 total votes! The music teachers thought this drawing was artistic.

There was another drawing that was a favorite of the voters. Nine year old, Parker Jay's "Rooster Screaming" was thought to be very creative and hilarious!

Read more about our drawing competitions here.

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