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Sticker Face Challenge

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Here's a fun challenge you can try out with your students: the Sticker Face Challenge. Almost every teacher uses stickers to put on the student's books. In this challenge, we put the stickers on their face instead.

Here are some ways a student can get a sticker on their face:

  • Pieces (completion or improvements)

  • Theory

  • Warm-up

  • Scales

  • Good behavior

The number of stickers can vary depending on the progress the student has made that week.

The student gets to pick which sticker they want and where they can put it on their face. That week, we are selected a wide variety of stickers including scented, animal, holiday, puffy, and foam stickers. The student's face should be filled with stickers by the end of the lesson! The student doesn't get to see their completed face until the very end. The student with the most stickers on their face that week wins the challenge!

If you would like to take it a step further, you can have all of your students put their face stickers on a big poster board at the very end of the lesson (after they've seen their face). The student who has the most stickers on their face that week gets to keep that poster!

We took photos of all of our students with their sticker faces to share with parents and our Facebook page.

The student with the most stickers that week won the poster with all of the collected stickers.

Not only does challenges like these motivate students to practice more but getting students the right music also does the trick! If your student is looking for new motivating music, they may like our Rock Out series. This kind of music gets your students back on track with practicing and encourages them to play music that they actually enjoy. You can listen to the music of the book below and find it on our store here.

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