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Jelly Bean Count - Easter Special

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Our studio will be doing a special Easter contest involving a special prize.... This contest can be used as a challenge for students to practice more or just to have fun with!

We set out a bag of jelly beans and each student will make a guess on how many they think is inside the bag. Whoever gets the closest number wins the bag of jelly beans!

Teachers can adapt this fun game with a challenge. For example, in order for the students to be able to guess the number of jelly beans, they have to first complete the challenge. Below are a few challenges that teachers can give their students:

  • 100 Day Practice Challenge (but on a shorter scale with only 5-14 days of practice)

  • Personalized goals - the student/teacher has a personal challenge that is specialized for the student to complete

  • Pieces - a student completes a number of pieces within a certain time period

Do you have another idea for a challenge that can be used for this contest? Comment it below!

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