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Groups of Two and Three Black Keys

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

One of the most basic concept in piano to understand for young kids is the groups of two and three black keys. I have worked with kids who struggled with this concept especially when the child just recently started counting numbers.

That is why I created Black Key Bingo.

The kids have a blast with this bingo and they love using the animal erasers to cover the spots. The only concept they need to know is the groups of two and three black keys. There are also multiple game boards with different colors so that you can add this into a group setting of pre-schoolers.

You can try out this game with your students for free by joining as a free member here.

Here is what members get access to...

  • discounts on new releases,

  • new releases (before everyone else sees them),

  • and freebies like games and teaching resources.

Nonmembers do not get access to any of these things!

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