How to Get New Students

Updated: Mar 8

Most teachers starting out struggle with finding new students for months. There are several different ways on finding students and they vary depending on your area. Here are the most common ways teachers get their students.

1) Networking

Most teachers find their students online from their website, Facebook page, Facebook groups, Google, and Next Door. Most of these ways are also free! You can create a free website but you may not have your own domain name and unlimited options for your site. You can post in local Facebook groups and Next Door. Our Facebook page has a lot of photos and video of our students on it. Potential clients enjoy seeing other students during their lessons because they can imagine their child being apart of that. Click here to see our Facebook page.

2) Referrals

When you have enough students, the parents will be doing the advertising for you! To speed up the process, you can print off business cards and have your students and their parents hand them to anyone who would be interested. You can also offer discounts for referrals.

3) Flyers

Flyers are a good way to spread your business around if you live in a small town. You can put flyers in libraries, day cares, dance studios, festivals, etc.

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