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How to Make Treble Clef Candy Cane Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for your students? These candy canes are the simple, but the perfect way to show your kids that they are special to you!

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make these treble clefs. You will need a pack of candy canes, pipe cleaners, and a hot glue gun.

1) Curl the pipe cleaner at the end to form a small dot.

2) Curl the pipe cleaner about 2-3 inches to form a half circle shape.

3) Place your candy cane upside down, where the hook of the candy cane is hanging to the left side. Use the hot glue gun to glue a small dot on the candy cane (see image).

4) Attach the dot of the pipe cleaner onto the candy cane where the curl is to the right side.

5) Glue a second dot with the glue gun towards the bottom of the candy cane and attach the pipe cleaner (see image).

6) Glue a third dot of glue higher above the candy cane and attach the pipe cleaner (see image).

7) Curl the rest of the pipe cleaner and glue the last dot on the top of the candy cane (see image).

I spent about an hour making 25 of these candy canes and it only cost me about $6 for all of the supplies! Let me know if you tried these out and share some photos of them!

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