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How to Organize Your Music Games

As a piano teacher, I have an obsession with printing off games for my students. I have collected so many games over time that it starts to get tricky storing all of my games. That is why it is good to have your games organized so that the games are easily accessible during lessons. Here are different ways to organize your games.

Binders with sheet protectors

I use binders from the Dollar Store or Target and sheet protectors to individually store games in separate sheets. This way of storage is best for game boards and small amounts of game cards. I then make multiple binders for different levels. You can also create a binder just for note reading and rhythms.

Storage containers with dividers

I bought these storage containers from Walmart for about $7-8 a container. I use these containers for storing thicker games like flashcards, large stacks of game cards, and non paper games like popsicle sticks or game pieces. If you have enough games, you can also get multiple containers for different levels.


Folders are an easy and the simplest form of storage for your paper games. These types of games are instructions for games, single paper games, and stickers.


After you have organized all of your games and activities, it is time to place them together in a group. I placed all of my containers and binders in a shelf in a bookcase. I laid my containers vertically to save room for the binders. Another option for your games is to place them on a cart with wheels. That way you can easily wheel your games around the room.

Have a suggestion or idea for organizing your games that has worked well? Post them in the comments!


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