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How to Organize Your Studio

How can we keep our studio organized when we get busy with students? We get lots of resources overtime and sometimes it becomes a lot to stay organized.

1) Bookshelves

  • Adjustable shelving to maximize space

  • Shelving: supplemental repertoire, method books, studio work, games, and any prizes

2) Repertoire

  • Books organized by level and grouped with file folders

  • Binders decorated in cardstock and grouped by level/genre

  • Sheet music protected in sheet protectors (for long-lasting music)

  • Magazine file holders work great for separating genres or levels

3) Studio "Stuff"

  • New student information in one binder

  • Worksheets in another binder

  • Any extra papers get grouped in one binder

4) Music Games

  • Storage containers for certificates, stickers, ribbons, etc.

  • Smaller storage containers with dividers for games (at Walmart)

  • Keep small erasers, games, paper clips, pins, etc. in one container

  • Full paper-sized games get put in sheet protectors in binders

Want more details on how you can organize your studio? Click here to watch our livestream about it!

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