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How to Set Up a Photo Booth

Updated: May 19, 2019

Want to add something a little extra to your next recital or event? A photo booth would be the perfect addition for that recital! Our studio did an end of the party to hand out awards and we added a photo booth. Here is how we did it:

1) Find a location for your backdrop

If your event is indoors, use an open wall to tape up your backdrop. For our outdoor party, we used the side of a bathroom (I know it sounds odd but it worked out perfectly!) Make sure to check the lighting of your location with a camera. I bought my backdrop at the dollar store.

2) Set up a table with cloth

I took a table and covered it with a tablecloth from the dollar store. I placed the table to the side of the backdrop.

3) Place the props

I bought many different types of props ranging from hats, glasses, scarfs, and signs. I got most of my props from the dollar store but I made a few of them myself. I have two cats and printed off photos of their faces onto card stock. I taped a popsicle stick on the back of the prop. I did the same thing with our studio's logo.

4) Add a sign

If you have a small chalkboard or whiteboard laying around, you can use this for your photo booth. I took a small chalkboard and wrote "Grab a prop, Take a photo" on it. I placed it on the table.

And now you're photo booth is complete! Have parents take photos with their phone of the kids and the photo booth. This may be the next big thing of your recital!

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