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Keeping Siblings Busy During Lessons

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

When teaching multiple siblings in one family, I realize that the young students need something to keep them busy. I usually provide a few things for them to keep them busy.

1) Play Dough

The student can decide what they can make with the play dough or you can tell the student what they can make. They can also create music symbols like a treble clef or rhythms.

2) Reading Books

3) Coloring Sheets/Books

4) Whiteboard and Markers

A student can draw anything they want with only a few markers and a whiteboard.

5) Keyboard and Headphones

Students can practice their current music with a keyboard a set of headphones while they wait.

6) Music Flashcards

There are many kinds of music flashcards that students can practice with while they wait. We have note-reading flashcards on our store. Click here to view them.


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