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Music Drawing Competitions

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Want to try something new in your studio? Our studio incorporated drawing competitions into our piano lessons last year. Our students get excited whenever they hear that we will be starting another competition! Drawing competitions involve creativity, basic understanding of music concepts, and experience with some drawing.

Are you wondering how you can combine music with drawing? The teacher picks a music symbol or concept to draw a picture about. For example, if the teacher picks the musical term "forte", the students draw something that is loud to represent forte.

Here are a few examples you can use in your studio for drawing contests:

  • pianissimo through fortissimo

  • crescendo and/or diminuendo

  • tempo speeds

  • slurs and/or staccatos

  • treble clef and/or bass clef

  • high and/or low notes

  • cadences

  • major and/or minor

  • flat and/or sharp

Once all of the drawings are turned in, a group of people can vote on which drawing(s) they like the most. The students or teachers from music teaching groups can vote. Whoever gets the most votes win the contest. You can praise them with points, certificates, a social media/studio winner announcement, or a photo with a sign that says they won.


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