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Preparing for Recitals

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Recitals are a major part of piano lessons and they often occur twice a year. Many teachers begin planning recitals as early as six months before a recital. There are many things to prepare ahead of time for a recital. If you want to make sure you are prepared for your upcoming recital, get our Recital Check-Off List to check off everything that needs to be done before the big day.

1) Recital Venue

There are a few things that should be settled with your recital venue. There are not usually many options for venues. Most teachers have their recitals at churches, but some recitals can be done at a piano store or dance studio. Next is to pick a date for your recital. Most teachers do recitals at May and December. If you recital venue is usually busy, it may be a good idea to avoid these months.

2) Recital Music

Have your students pick out their recital music a month or two beforehand. Some of the music may be something that a student has already mastered and others can be new music. The Rock Out books are great for engaging your audience at recitals! Click here if you want to look into the books more.

Rock Out is also really great for recitals because it includes an audience participation where your audience and clap and pat along with the performer! Click here to look at the sheet music.

3) Announcing Your Event

Make sure your students and parents are aware of the recital so that they don't accidentally overbook that day. You can make recital invitations for them to hand out to their friends and family. You can also create a Facebook event with all of the details.

You can create Facebook events for your performances. This event cover was created using Canva for our Facebook event.

Make sure everything is set up for your next recital. Check out our Recital Check-Off List so that you can check off your things to do for preparing the recital.

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