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"Rock Out" Book Series

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Your intermediate students are never going to be bored with their music ever again. We have created 30 new rock/pop pieces collected into three volumes: late beginning, early intermediate, and mid-intermediate levels.

The first volume features ten late beginning pieces for your students who love rock and pop music. Nine of these pieces come with a teacher duet part and one is meant as a solo. There are different keys including C major, G minor, A minor, and D minor. Click here to get this first book.

As a special surprise, the last piece of the first book includes an audience participation part! The student and teacher can play the rock duet together at a recital while another student or two encourages the audience to pat and clap along.

The second volume features ten early intermediate pieces where the first nine pieces are showcase solos. The last piece is an evenly leveled duet. There are different keys including C major, D minor, E minor, and F minor. Click here to get this book.

The third volume features ten mid/late intermediate pieces where all ten pieces are solos. There are different keys including C major, G major, A major, F major, D minor, and E minor. One of the pieces has a part where the student improvises in the middle of the piece. The last book of the series will be released on September 30th, 2019.

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