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Tempo Drawing Contest Winners

Our studio did our first drawing contest of the year with tempo! Below are the five tempos the students drew about. There was a total of 21 drawings brought in by the students. Over 100 music teachers voted on the drawings that they thought were the best based on effort, creativity, and how much the drawing resembled the tempo they were given.

  • Largo

  • Andante

  • Moderato

  • Allegro

  • Presto

The five winners of the drawing contest are... Makayla, Storm, Neil, Lieta, and Alistair! Below are the winning drawings.

12 year old Makayla's drawing of largo

6 year old Storm's drawing of andante

8 year old Neil's drawing of moderato

5 year old Lieta's drawing of allegro

9 year old Alistair's drawing of presto

Congratulations to all of the winners! The teachers had a hard time deciding which drawing were best.

Here are a few notable drawings that were very impressive and were close to winning.

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