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The Summer Practice Challenge

Updated: May 4, 2020

A problem that many teachers face during the summer is that students take breaks and other students don't practice. I believe that the summer is instead the BEST time to practice because of all the free time. That is why I created a practice challenge meant for the summer. I call it the "Summer Practice Challenge". Click here if you want to get this printable for your studio.

This practice challenge is a list of things for the student to do at home like pieces, theory, and more. I print off the worksheet for each student and they take it home to check off. Any student who finishes the check-list wins a prize. The first student to finish gets a big prize!

I used this challenge last year and my students loved the competition to win first! As one of the prizes for winning, I took a photo of them with their certificate saying that they completed the challenge. I posted the photos on my website and Facebook page (with the parent's permission).

Want more ideas on how to motivate your students during the summertime? Check out the Summer of Music songbook! It has summer-themed music along with customized challenges and rewards for finishing pieces and challenges. Click here to see the book!

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