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Treble Clef Drawing Contest Winners

This year we have challenged our students to make a musical drawing that was inspired by the treble clef. The judge (Alexa Madison, owner of Alexa's Piano Lessons) voted on her top three favorites based on creativity, effort, and musicality (how well it describes the treble clef).

She was amazed by all of the wonderful drawings that were entered into the contest! It was difficult to only pick three top favorites.

The first place winner for the drawing contest is....Makayla!

Makayla drew a giant so big that she was taller than trees and mountains. Even a life-sized airplane could be held in her hand like it was a pencil. She even drew birds, clouds, flying pigs, and our studio's t-shirt on her.

The second place winner is...Madi!

She drew treble clef cats and mice who meow and squeak at high pitches. The cats are tearing up the walls, playing with yarn, and getting on top of bookshelves.

You can even spot the posters on the walls that show the love for the treble clef.

And the third place winner is...Imani!

Imani drew an astronaut going into outer space with his spaceship. You can see the glowing treble clef and clouds up high in the sky.

Want your students to participate in our international drawing contest? Here's where you can find more information:

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