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Why You Should Start Teaching Improvisation NOW!!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I have started teaching improvisation with my students in just the last year and a half and within that time, I was so impressed with the results. Whether you have already started teaching improvisation or never taught improvisation, you will always find that improvisation will be fun at any level.

What does improvisation teach or could teach?

  • Groups of 2 and 3 Black Keys - There are many black key improvisations where the students explore the groups of two and three black keys. You can have your student test the dynamics and lows vs highs on the piano.

  • Scales and Key Signatures - Tell your student how many flats or sharps are in the piece and have them test out some scales that follow the key.

  • Rhythms - Teach your student a new rhythm (for example the quarter note) and have them practice playing notes with only quarter notes along with the improvisation.

  • Notes - Teach your student a new note and have them play only using that note with the teacher duet. Your student gets to make up the rhythms they want with the note.

  • Chords - Some improvisation parts include the chords. Your student can improvise using the chords given. Tell them to experiment with broken vs blocked chords.

Where can I find improvisation music?

Many method books do not include improvisation so I have decided to create my own supplemental improvisation book. There are three sections in the book: black keys, major white keys, and minor white keys. This book can be used from the first lesson to through intermediate levels. You can teach everything that is listed above in this book. Click here to look at this book.

Nighttime (Groups of Two)

Jammin' (Groups of Three) - This was this student's first lesson!

Inspiration (Groups of Two and Three) - This student has been taking lessons for a few months.

Sad Roses (Key of A Minor)

Mystical (Key of D Minor)

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