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Piano recital last April at New Hope Community Church

piano lessons


Phoenix Piano Lessons for Kids

We provide music lessons in Ahwatukee that allows piano students to learn privately at their own pace while being able to learn in a group setting with friends. They get to play new music games with each other, participate in challenges and competitions, and learn piano music in an encouraging way! Ms. Alexa, piano tutor and owner of Alexa's Piano Lessons, has been teaching and running her studio for 7 years and has taught hundreds of students over the years!


About Alexa Madison

Ms. Alexa's private/group piano lessons in Ahwatukee are the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of music. With over 60 students and years of experience, Ms. Alexa has perfected her teaching style to make music lessons engaging and fun for beginners by incorporating games and activities into weekly lessons. Every week students are given a new music-related challenge to complete by the end of the day. Set up a trial lesson with Ms. Alexa to get a tour of the piano studio and how we teach music education!

piano group classes


Learning with peers

Our music students say they love their group lessons because they get to learn with their piano friends! This includes playing music theory games against each other, piano performance during their classes, or teaching each other concepts. They get to see the same piano students every week so they can build connections with them!


Includes private time benefits

With how our music group lessons are laid out, each student gets private time with Ms. Alexa allowing them to learn at their own pace and start at any point. No need to worry if your child gets paired with another student who's at a different skill level! Sometimes it's even nice having different leveled students together so they can teach each other!


More piano time!

Compared to private lessons, our group lessons are the same monthly cost but students get twice the amount of time with their music teacher. Standard private lessons are 30 minute lessons a week while our group piano classes are 60 minutes a week!



We will always have come kind of music challenge or contest for students to compete in! Your piano teacher will challenge them to work in groups to practice the most days or challenged to beat their peers in a competition. Ask Ms. Alexa what challenges she's currently doing!

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Private piano lessons in Ahwatukee

Trial Piano Lesson

Had our first trial with Alexa! What a fantastic experience. She is wonderful, patient and we are looking forward to our first lessons next week!



Engaging Lessons

Very knowledgeable, patient, and savvy with kids to teenagers. Amazing organization skills to tutor, engage kids, and provide them opportunities to showcase their skills.


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Fun and Energetic

Alexa is fun, energetic and constantly trying to improve the learning experience for children and I really appreciate her for how much she pours into the kids.



Exciting for Beginners

Ms. Alexa is a talented pianist and a great teacher. My beginner has been so excited to attend lessons and has learned so much in a short time.



Patient and Kind

Ms. Alexa is patient, kind, and creates amazing enrichment activities that keep my daughter enthralled with music and the piano.


  • Where is Alexa's Piano Lessons located?
    Our piano studio is located in Ahwatukee and the cross streets are Chandler Blvd. and 42nd St. When you schedule a trial piano lesson, the address is sent out through text message.
  • How much do weekly piano lessons cost?
    60 minute weekly lessons (private piano with lab time) is a flat rate of $140 a month billed on autopay the last day of each month.
  • How does the lab room work with piano classes?
    Our piano lessons (ages 6+) are set up to have three students come every hour. One student in the private room and the other two in the lab room. The students rotate so everyone sees the teacher privately and spends time in the lab room. Our lab room has many different activities including games, worksheets, composition, improvisation, music listening, etc. Students are assigned what to do in the lab room and are invited to work independently or with their lab partner.
  • Can I drop off my child during piano classes, or do I stay?
    You can do either one depending on what you and your child is comfortable with! But for most students I recommend dropping off to give the students more of a private experience and allows students to learn independently as they act different when their parents are around.
  • How much should my child be practicing the piano?
    We suggest beginning piano students ages 6-7 to practice at least 10 minutes daily. Beginning students aged 8 and older are to practice at least 15 minutes daily. More experienced students should practice at least 20 minutes daily. Of course, if the student is not progressing enough with that amount of practice we would suggest more practice than that. It also depends on the student as well so we're not strict on the number of minutes they are practicing.
  • Do we need to bring our piano books every lesson?
    Yes! We specifically use the student's books to write customized notes in there. Ms. Alexa uses the books to keep track of the songs they've finished (with a sticker). Plus there are written pages in there that she'd need to check in person.
  • We have a keyboard at home. Will that work for practicing piano at home?
    Of course! As long as the keyboard has weighted keys (the keys have an added weight like a normal piano would so the child would not develop bad technique) and it can produce dynamics (pressing the key lighter produces a softer voice and pressing the key harder produces a louder voice). Most keyboards that have weighted keys usually can produce dynamics. You can check with Alexa to make sure your keyboard is weighted.
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