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About Ms. Alexa's Teaching

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Alexa's teaching style is very different from all of the other teachers her area. Unlike other teachers, Alexa includes group competitions, various games, practice incentives, and many more thrilling opportunities for her students. She gives students multiple reasons on why they should practice and get excited for their next lesson. Here are the things she includes in lessons on top of learning new music, theory, and technique that you won't find anywhere else!

1) Drawing Contests

A couple of times a year the studio does drawing competitions involving all of the students to draw something on the lines of a musical topic. The winner earns points, a prize, and/or their drawing displayed on our website.

2) Curriculum with Games

The students LOVE doing games that are not only fun, but are also supportive of their learning process for learning music. Games also encourage younger students to practice more and not get bored during the lessons.

3) Practice Challenges

For a limited time, the studio does a challenge where students check off tasks on a practice list. If they are able to complete the list within the time given, they earn points and a prize. They are also challenged with practicing for 100 days in a row!

4) Halloween Costume Contest

Our studio does a Halloween special where students wear their Halloween costumes during the week of Halloween to their lessons. That week is filled with lots of excitement and laughter!

5) Point and Prize System

The students go crazy over their points and often work harder by doing extra worksheets, warm-ups, and pieces just to earn more points. They are able to buy prizes with their points.

6) Bulletin Board for Certificates

The students are able to see how much they are learning in a short period of time. They can win certificates for earning points, practicing, completing books, and even completing units within those books.

7) Recitals and Performances

We offer two recitals every year and smaller performances at the local senior center and library. Every recital is different from one another and students are excited to see what surprises will occur in the next one!

8) Trophies and Ribbons

At the end of each recital, there are ribbons given out for recital competitions, most improved rewards, and practice challenges. There are trophies given out to students at the end of the year parties for most points and practice minutes.

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