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A Recital That Your Students Won't Forget!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

To get students excited for every upcoming recital, I like to add in something new and different every time. Tell your students to expect the unexpected! Here are a few ideas to making your next recital LEGENDARY.

1) Special guests

Whether it is a talented musician or Santa Claus, you can invite a special guest and surprise the students at the recital.

2) Student ensembles

Surprise your students with a pair of siblings playing together, a trio or quartet with a few of your students, a parent and child duet, or a teacher and special guest duet. You can find some of our trios here or the links below!

3) Surprise awards

You could hand out a few awards to students at the end of the recital to recognize students and make them feel special.

4) Added instruments

To brighten up a piece or two, you could add in a new instrument like the drum, trumpet, violin, or voice. It will sure surprise the others! Cruisin' the Beaches includes an extra part that can be played by another instrument like the violin or flute.

5) Audience interactions

You can include the audience in the student's piece with clapping, singing, or chanting! The piano solo Rock Out has a part where the audience can pat and clap along with the performer. You can find the music here.

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