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Should Teachers Continue to Learn?

Every one of us continues to learn as we teach, because each new pupil brings a different set of challenges requiring us to adjust and find new and different ways of doing things. But this sort of 'learning as we go along' can be slow, and we can sometimes feel a lack of know-how.

By actively choosing to continue with professional development,  whether online or in person, we come into contact with a range of ideas, some of which may be known to us, so reinforce what we are doing; and some of which may be new, making us re-think and re-evaluate. The most useful ideas are always those which solve the problems we know we have, or answer the questions we’ve already been asking.

The best form of Continuing Professional Development for each one of us is the one we choose which promises to fulfill the particular needs we have in mind. These needs may be to discuss matters with like-minded teachers, or to teach more musically and imaginatively, or to be better equipped to tackle technical problems, or to be able to have fun improvising with pupils. Or it may be that we simply need to feel inspired and refreshed by somebody and something knowing that if we don’t have a fresh in-flow, we will stagnate, and dry up.

Though it can be difficult to find time and justification in our busy lives to commit to professional development, the rewards of deepening our knowledge and our pupils' enjoyment cannot be underestimated and the results will be wide-reaching and a worthy investment.

Perhaps the main reason why The Piano Teachers Course UK remains so stimulating and satisfying is because tutors and students spend many days and evenings together interacting, discussing, learning from each other and generating new ideas as a result of our mutual love of piano teaching, respect and support.

Given such an environment (it does no-one any good to feel foolish) I would urge everyone to take one CPD course - whether a day’s refresher, an online module or a year’s part time commitment (like The PTC UK) every year. It will empower you!

- Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Director of The Piano Teachers' Course UK

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