Top 7 Blogs of Our First Year

Updated: May 8, 2020

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Piano Language! Today we are celebrating Piano Language's most popular and best blogs since January 14th, 2019 through today.

1) The Summer Practice Challenge

Here is the official practice challenge to give students over their summer break. This challenge is great for encouraging students to keep practicing so that they won't forget anything over break. Click here to read more...

2) How to Teach Composition

Did you ever want to teach your students how to write their own music? Composition can be the most rewarding to students and I try to have every student compose at least once to see whether they enjoy it. Here's how I teach them...

3) Note-Reading Tips for Students

Note-reading seems to be one of the most difficult concepts for students to understand. That is why I like to have multiple approaches to teaching how to read and identify notes to students. Click here to read the full blog...

4) 100 Day Practice Challenge

The 100 Day Practice Challenge is our studio's biggest and most difficult challenge to complete. But it surely is the most fun! I challenge every student to practice 100 days in a row. If they miss a day, they have to go back to day 1. The longest a student has ever survived is 400 days and counting! Click here to see how we did it...

5) Types of Prizes for Rewards

You can find a bunch of places for bulk prizes for your students that will excite them! Click here to read more...

6) Sticker Face Challenge

Here's a unique challenge that will bring some fun into your lessons! For one week I rewarded students with a sticker on their face for finishing pieces, theory, warm-ups, etc. We kept track of students with the most stickers. Click here to read the rest...

7) 6 Solutions to Scheduling Problems

Do you ever have scheduling problems in your studio? Whether someone needs to change lessons days or a new potential student wants to join? Your schedule may not be able to hold these changes so here are tips that can help with your schedule! Click here...

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